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Genomics in July Workshop: An introduction to genomic discovery and analysis using NGS data

Project Leads: Keithanne Mockaitis

Divisions/Groups who enabled highlight:  National Center for Genome Analysis Support (NCGAS), Collaboration and Engagement Support Group (CESG)

Funding: U.S. Department of Agriculture - National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant 2011-67009-30030

Genomics in July
Figure 1. Guests from six institutions traveled to Bloomington to attend this workshop.

This workshop introduced the cyberinfrastructure resources, including supercomputers, visualization and storage systems, collections of data, software, and Galaxy, an open, web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical research, available to biologists at Indiana University and other nation-wide affiliated institutions. The presenters also demonstrated cutting edge bioinformatics tools and protocols for genomic discovery and analysis using NGS data such as sequencing, assembly, alignment, phylogeny, and genome visulization.

This created an opportunity for genomic researchers to build communication and analysis skills and to interact with a diverse group of scientists. Additionally, opportunities were provided for genomic researchers to see how others do their analysis works and get trained. The goal was to empower participants to conduct more and faster research.

This invitation-only workshop, was four days long and included 16 different lecture sessions and two supervised computing lab sessions in IU's Cyberinfrastructure Building.  NCGAS staff gave several presentations and led the lab sessions.  Of the fifteen participatants, two were faculty members from other universities with six institutions represented overall. The workshop concluded with a lecture open to the public, "The Cassava Genome Project: Applying Genomic Technologies to Benefit Smallholder Farmers in Africa".

The mission of the National Center for Genome Analysis Support (NCGAS) is to enable the biological research community of the US to analyze, understand, and make use of the vast amount of genomic information now available. NCGAS focuses particularly on transcriptome- and genome-level assembly, phylogenetics, metagenomics/transcriptomics and community genomics.

The Collaboration and Engagement Support Group (CESG) helps Indiana University, PTI, and Research Technologies translate innovation into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for residents of the state of Indiana and the US (and world) as a whole.

For information about the National Center for Genome Analysis Support, Pervasive Technology Institute, the Research Technologies Division of UITS, and IU’s advanced cyberinfrastructure see