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Cluster 2013 Panels - Clusters and cyberinfrastructure strategy

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Panel: Clouds and Clusters – the Walmart effect?

The rapid development and massive investments in cloud methodologies and their market penetration as opposed to the clusters makes it timely to analyze the merits of these related but different modalities of delivering cyber-services. The assembled panel of experts will provide their thoughts on the current and futures of these paradigms in different application domains. Clouds promise to deliver cost savings and flexibility over clusters that continue to deliver high QOS – the question at hand is to identify the value propositions of both in a thoughtful manner so we do not replicate “urban blight” in the ITverse.

Panelists (confirmed): Jay Bouisseau, Jim Bottum, Dennis Gannon, Thomas Sterling

Moderator: Abani Patra, University of Buffalo

Concurrent Panel: The many pathways of Campus Bridging - Campus Bridging stories from four different instances.

Campus Bridging narrows the gap between researcher and national scale cyberinfrastructure by implementing technologies that make these resources appear proximal to the researcher and easy to use. These efforts include making data transfer and management more simple and transparent, creating simpler job submission protocols, and making it easier to join resources together. We hope to discuss the technologies that make it easier for researchers to transition analyses from the lab or office to regional and national infrastructure, success stories from those who have made progress in Campus Bridging, and areas where the gap between local and national resources can be overcome. Our panel brings together users and creators of XSEDE Campus Bridging technologies: Ian Foster of the Globus Online Project, Tom Bishop who uses Genesis II to manage data and jobs on XSEDE resources, Scott Teige, who has used the Open Science Grid-XSEDE job submission portal, and Marcus Alfred, who has used the XSEDE Campus Bridging Cluster software packages.

Panelists (confirmed): Ian Foster, Scott Teige, Marcus Alfred, Tom Bishop

Moderator: Richard Knepper, Indiana University

Concurrent Panel: Research Data Alliance

This panel will present ongoing development and organizational work being done by the Research Data Alliance (RDA) ( The Research Data Alliance is a new international organization that is being supported by the governments of the European Commission, the Australia Commonwealth Government and the United States Government to implement the technology, practice, and connections that make data work across barriers of government policy and or disciplinary specific standards. The Research Data Alliance aims to accelerate and facilitate research data sharing and exchange. In this panel we will feature current thrusts of the new RDA Working Groups that focus on Big Data Analytics, Data Type Registries, Persistent Identifiers for Data, Data Terminology, and Data Policy. Additionally the panelists and moderator will speak about the current status of the Research Data Alliance in its start-up mode and will update attendees on work that will be on the agenda for the upcoming RDA Second Plenary meeting in Washington, DC that will be held the week prior to the Cluster 2013 Conference.

Panelists (confirmed): Reagan Moore, Giridhar Manepalli

Moderator: Robert H. McDonald, Indiana University