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Cluster 2013 Birds of a Feather - Clusters and cyberinfrastructure strategy

Tuesday, 9/24, 4:00-5:00 pm

BoF: YARN - A Tale of Adventures Beyond Hadoop 1

Abstract: The latest release of Apache Hadoop has been adopted by many but information on how to install, configure, deploy, and tune Hadoop 2 - including YARN - is still sparse. We will begin the discussion with an overview of experiences with Apache Hadoop 2 on Cray Cluster Solutions systems, sharing details of how it was installed, configured, and tuned (an ongoing effort). Topics of discussion will include configuration variations, benefits and drawbacks, tuning opportunities, I/O configuration options, etc.

Sponsor: Cray - the supercomputer company

Wednesday, 9/25, 12:30–1:25 pm

BoFl: HPC Cluster Interconnect Topologies: Is Fat Tree the right Answer

Abstract: In this presentation, we will begin the discussion with an overview of cluster configuration variations with FDR Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet to 40 GigE or with proprietary interconnects like Quadrics and Myrinet and Aries. We will also discuss the cost increase of components that don’t give us more compute speed but are part of the infrastructure costs associated with a complete end–to-end system. In the end of our session we will brainstorm when buying a new cluster, do we need to have a full fat tree interconnect topology or if there is something more cost effective?

Sponsor: Cray - the supercomputer company