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PTI News: Education, Outreach, and Training

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PTI draws global attendees to Lustre User Group meeting

Users of the supercomputing file system software connect with colleagues, elect officers to OpenSFS board, including IU’s own Ken Rawlings as secretary

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Chemistry students learn using Chemcompute and Jetstream

Mark Perri, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Sonoma State University, has been supporting thousands of students learning Chemistry across the nation using Jetstream.

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IU researchers awarded access to Microsoft cloud to advance neuroscience, big data training

Funded projects will support research at Indiana University developed through the Midwest Big Data Hub

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RENCI and CACR partner on NSF project enabling safe and secure data sharing

CACR will offer expert guidance on cybersecurity and privacy challenges

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Simulating DNA to tackle tough medical challenges

Researchers at IU are making advances in studying DNA to tackle considerable challenges.

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Hit your data targets with DAART

IU has developed a graphical tool called the Data Archive And Retrieval Tool (DAART) to help researchers manage their high performance computing resources

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IU projects shine at 2017 Plant and Animal Genome Conference

Jetstream and NCGAS coordinate, collaborate, and dazzle at the 2017 Plant and Animal Genome Conference.

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Trinity and NCGAS partnership thrives as software popularity continues to grow

The Broad Institute’s messenger RNA (mRNA) assembler, Trinity (developed by Aviv Regev, Brian Haas and others), is one of the most popular tools for assembling short reads (~100-150 base pairs) of mRNA into the transcripts (~200-15000bp) produced by an organism.

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