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PTI News: Education, Outreach, and Training

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August 30: Data Integrity Challenges and Workflow-Based Solutions

CACR's Von Welch and Randy Heiland present as part of the Fall 2017 Digital Library Brown Bag Series

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IU leads the international HPC community to develop state-of-the-art benchmarking tools

IU is a leading university in HPC and an important member in the world-renowned SPEC community.

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Enabling novel Neuroscience with Brain-Life

Dr. Franco Pestilli, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, is leading an ambitious project which aims to develop an online Neuroscience platform to promote reproducible research.

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Continuing the good work at Brandeis University

A team from the IU Pervasive Technology Institute - UITS Research Technologies assisted in upgrading an existing HPC cluster at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

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PTI draws global attendees to Lustre User Group meeting

Users of the supercomputing file system software connect with colleagues, elect officers to OpenSFS board, including IU’s own Ken Rawlings as secretary

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Chemistry students learn using Chemcompute and Jetstream

Mark Perri, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Sonoma State University, has been supporting thousands of students learning Chemistry across the nation using Jetstream.

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Digital History and the Old Oaken Bucket

IU student project features a 3D representation of the Old Oaken Bucket created through photogrammetry and structured light scanning digitization methods.

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Crystallography methods improved with Big Red II

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